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If you would like to add a business listing but do not want to join the traders group, please email the membership secretary who will provide cost details.

This form allows you create your own advert on this site with a name and a description of your business, a photo and a direct link to your own website or social media account. Facebook pages are fine. Your advert will be put in a suitable category (where to eat, where to shop etc) and all entries on that page are randomly shuffled each time it is viewed. Here is an example of a listing:

Example Listing

Search Engines: It will be really helpful if you could provide a link to on your website. This will help improve our search engine position and increases website traffic to all businesses.

This will appear as the title of your listing
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Your listing will link directly to this address. If you do not have your own website, a Facebook or other third party page like a cottage agency listing would do. Do not link simply to the home page of a that agency or generic home page of any other business. If you do not want or do not have a link please leave the box empty
90 words maximum summary of your business. The title and image will be linked to your own website, so just include here a well crafted summary not including time-sensitive information like special offers or an event. Please make use of the full word allowance as this will provide valuable information to the website visitor.
A single photo to represent your business such as your shop front is always great to help visitors locate you. It should be LANDSCAPE (wide) orientation and AT LEAST 800 pixels wide. If in doubt, bigger is better, however the maximum file size is 5Mb. Any photo from a camera or phone will be big enough.
I declare I have the right to use the photo I am uploading and I grant permission to use my photo anywhere on the website. I will also support the aim and objectives of the constitution.