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Traders Group

Newcastle Emlyn Traders Group is a constituted group, holding regular meetings for its members including an Annual General Meeting (AGM), and committee members elections held bi-annually.

Committee Members are:

  • Chairperson
  • Vice Chairperson
  • Membership Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Committee Member
  • Committee Member
  • Committee Member
  • Committee Member

Note: 2 additional Committee Members may be co-opted onto the Committee at the discretion of the elected Committee Members.

Working together, supporting each other and inclusivity is the ethos of the Traders Group, to maintain and improve the vibrant community of Newcastle Emlyn for business, visitors and locals alike. All businesses, within the criteria of the constitution, are welcome to make an application for membership.

Membership categories are:

  • Full membership – Open to businesses located in Newcastle Emlyn with premises and those without who trade regularly in Newcastle Emlyn, such as stall holders.  However, businesses such as stall holders must provide an economic benefit to Newcastle Emlyn on a regular basis (at least quarterly).
  • Non-Voting Associate Membership – Open to self-catering and bed and breakfast (B&B) accommodation within a 5 mile radius of Newcastle Emlyn.

To make a membership application:

a) Complete and submit the online membership form Click here to add your business to the website and pay the membership fee by BACS or cash.  (Note: If completing the online membership form, please do not make the payment until your application has been accepted, via email confirmation from the Membership Secretary.)


b) Please download, print and complete the membership form Membership Application Form_NCE Traders Group and pay the membership fee by BACS or cash.

Membership Notes:

  • Membership is £10.00 per annum
  • Annual membership runs from 1st April to 31st March
  • The downloadable membership form is in editable PDF format. When completing the form, please download and save it on a PC/laptop first, then complete electronically or print and complete a paper copy.  (Note: The form will not work electronically unless you download and save it on a desktop or laptop first!)
  • Please return fully completed forms in an envelope addressed to Membership Secretary, Newcastle Emlyn Traders Group and hand it in at Fair & Fabulous, 17 Sycamore Street, Newcastle Emlyn, SA38 9AP or Y Cwtch Coffi, 1 Sycamore Street, Newcastle Emlyn, SA38 9AP.
  • If completing the online membership form and you wish to pay cash, please place it in an envelope with your business name on or inside the envelope and address it to Membership Secretary, Newcastle Emlyn Traders Group and hand it in at Fair & Fabulous or Y Cwtch Coffi.

Constitution and GDPR Policy

If you have any questions, please email the Membership Secretary.